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The story of Pearl and her babies

Bianca, Currage and friends met Pearl last September in Aegina where they were spending their holidays.Soon afterwards they contacted us at Vrouva to ask for help and advice about rescuing her. Together we made a plan. And that's how a hugely pregnant Pearl, who was unable to travel at such short notice, came to stay at Vrouva.

Pearl relished every minute of being a kept cat. She purred continuously, so appreciating having a warm, safe space, good food and plenty of affection.

On the 23rd of September she became the proud mama of four gorgeous kittens. A few days later a tiny grey orphaned kitten, about the same age as Pearl's babies, was found, and she generously and lovingly adopted him.

On the 10th of January the sweet family could finally travel and their two amazing saviours, Bianca and Currage flew back to Greece fetch them.

Now all that's left is for Princess Pearl and her baby princes and Princesses to live happily ever after.


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