Become a Forever human for a cat

  • Eli

    Delicate Eli is a small, funny little cat with a dancing walk and good communication skills.Affectionate and kind with everyone, you can’t help falling in love with her.
    Born Autumn 2020

  • Paella

    Smart, playful and independent, beautiful Pella likes gentle handling and respect. Enjoys the company of other cats. Friendly but not overly affectionate


These cats stay at Vrouva Farm and are looking for a nice home.

If you are interested in one of the cats on this page, please send us a mail

The Perks of adopting a Vrouva Cat:  

  1. They are neutered  

  2. They are vaccinated  

  3. They are microchipped  

  4. They are parasite treated

  5. They are healthy (if they need meds they are already taking them)  

  6. They are socialised (with other cats, people and possibly dogs).  

  7. You become an honorary member of our big loving Vrouva family.  


The Vrouva Lifetime Guarantee:  

We will always welcome our cats back no matter when or from where – we don’t mind how much time may have passed, if they are unadaptable for some reason to their new environment, they will always have a home at Vrouva – (once a Vrouvian always a Vrouvian!)  

vrouva farm animal sanctuary aegina greece

Vrouva Farm Animal Sanctuary
 Aegina, Greece 1810



If you prefer to make a
deposit email us to send 

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