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Vrouva Farm Animal Sanctuary is completely dependant on the contributions of friends and kind strangers for its upkeep and the care of its many residents. 100% of your donation will go directly towards providing food and water to the animals, as well as medicine, infrastructure, transportation & emergencies.


We here at Vrouva are so grateful for any amount of aid you are willing to provide, in order to continue saving lives and expanding our reach within the community. 

If you wish to support our efforts, please take a look at the following options below. The animals at Vrouva would like to show you what they need.

If you prefer to go straight to the option and donate with paypal/ creditcard click here.

The animals of Vrouva thank you!

At the moment we are having trouble accepting payments on our "Support us" page. We are working on it and hopefully everything will work again soon.
In the meantime we advise people who want to make a donation to use the donate button on the homepage or on the bottom of the site.