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Meet some of the Vrouvians

These are the special people who give their energy and time ​to make Vrouva what it is: not your usual animal shelter, but a loving and happy community of unique individuals united under one similar passion for animals. 


Thanks a million to everyone who has made Vrouva Farm what it is today, and what it shall be tomorrow. 



Alexia founded Vrouva Farm and is the driving force behind everything that Vrouva is. A consumate animal lover, Alexia cares deeply about the environment and social issues.  

She's an inspiration to us all.

Jezo cooking.jpg


Jezo is the guy who gets stuff done. Building hen houses and stables, grooming the olive trees, Jezo helps make sure that Vrouva can operate. He's been working with animals most of his life. He's Kurdish and has been living in Greece for over 20 years.



All the way from the Azores he came to Vrouva. He was planning to come and help us for a few months, but liked the farm and Aegina so much he is still with us. He makes the work on the farm much lighter. 
He is an artist and a handyman, fixing and constructing whatever is needed. He is also the best puppy and kitten daddy of Vrouva with a special talent in bottle feeding kittens. His babies adore him.



He always comes unexpectedly, stays long enough to infuse the farm and it’s residents with his unique, unstoppable energy and then departs with his four-legged companion, the lovely Tsapa, for their next adventure. His knowledge of Agronomy has made Vrouva a greener place.



Living in the Netherlands, Marlies has been coming to help at the farm a couple of times a year for many years now. But even when she is back in the Netherlands she is still with us, helping and supporting the animals and humans of Vrouva in a hundred ways. Also, she is our IT expert, has created our current website and runs our Instagram page. A true example of the non-locality of love!



Her nickname is the golden star of Vrouva! Everyone loves Marina, with her sweet ways, her kind heart and her unique leadership skills. She keeps an eye on everything and is set in transforming Vrouva from a messy, dusty refugee camp to a beautiful, loving home for its residents. Her artistic talent surfaces in everything she does and makes the energy better and brighter.



Elena came to Vrouva as a temporary volunteer last summer and ended up staying and joining our core group. An avid animal lover with a lot of experience in animal care and vet nursing , she is an invaluable addition to our team. All the animals love her and so do we.



Rosie volunteers at Vrouva Farm twice a week and helps willingly and most efficiently wherever needed. Her workshop on non violent communication was a big hit. She is one of the elders of the farm and an important source of back up, organisation and support for all.



Elena is a person of many talents and great knowledge. Caring for the horses, fostering difficult dogs, giving homeopathic support to humans and animals, offering dietary advice and delicious vegan food, helping with the website ... those are only some of the many things she does at the farm.

Her positive attitude, her kindness and care for all and her generosity, uplift us all and make Vrouva a better place.

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