who we are

Vrouva Farm is a mix between a farm sanctuary, an animal shelter and an eco-community. Lying on an acre clearing in the pine forest of the island of Aegina, in Greece, it is home to over 100 domestic animals (including 2 humans), as well as plants and the free animals of the forest.

With few resources but lots of love for our animals and a tightly-knit team, we work day in and day out to keep everyone alive in an aware, compassionate and nondestructive way. We feed, clean, play, walk, and love. We heal and help heal. We believe that as we serve the animals wholeheartedly, we learn a more sustainable and rewarding way of living on our wounded planet.

We welcome all to our humble farm, and hope you can help us improve and continue serving those who need it most. Welcome to Vrouva!

vrouva farm farm life
Angelos and Hope
Vrouva entrance
Vrouva kitchen
Sheep and chickens together
Spring time
Alexia and Hope
Tales of Vrouva
Margarita with volunteer Margarita
Morning walk
Manolis and Jina
Cat walk
Manolis and Jina
Nature and animals
Sunset over Vrouva
Vrouva cats
Cat thought
Dinner time
Beauty surrounds us
Proud to be a Vrouvian
We love the flowers at Vrouva
Vrouva Farm
In harmony with nature
Vrouva problems
Pause and take in the beauty