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Who we are

A safe haven for old, abandoned and abused animals.


Vrouva Farm is a small farm sanctuary on the island of Aegina. It is home to pet and domestic animals as well as a few volunteers. It survives thanks to an international community of committed animal lovers, some of whom live in Aegina and volunteer regularly at the farm.

Vrouva was born when a few animal lovers decided to transform a piece of private land into a haven for animals rescued from neglect, starvation and abuse.

Today, over 100 domestic and pet animals live in Vrouva that people abandoned, abused or simply could not maintain anymore. We try to find new families for the few of our animals which are adoptable and support the ones that can live a better life with us on the farm.

Ecology, non-violence, veganism and the lessons that our animals teach us are our guiding principles to help us overcome conflict, financial difficulties, social prejudices and the pain of knowing the hardship these beautiful creatures have endured.

We raise awareness of speciesism, veganism, and animal rights, and provide an example of how to live in harmony with the natural world.

Despite climate collapse, rising temperatures and the risk of fire in the pine forest that embraces us, we keep our optimism and promise to fight for animals in need.

For more information about our farm click the link to: "Vrouva Farm in the Media" 

vrouva farm farm life
Angelos and Hope
Vrouva entrance
Vrouva kitchen
Sheep and chickens together
Spring time
Alexia and Hope
Tales of Vrouva
Margarita with volunteer Margarita
Morning walk
Manolis and Jina
Cat walk
Manolis and Jina
Nature and animals
Sunset over Vrouva
Vrouva cats
Cat thought
Dinner time
Beauty surrounds us
Proud to be a Vrouvian
We love the flowers at Vrouva
Vrouva Farm
In harmony with nature
Vrouva problems
Pause and take in the beauty
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