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Thank you for showing interest in visiting the farm. It is a great joy for us to meet like-minded animal lovers in person.

Vrouva was created with very limited means to meet the needs of the animals that find refuge here. There is dust, hair, insects, poo and noise everywhere, so be prepared to get dirty. While our cats and dogs are usually friendly,  the animals at Vrouva Farm are recovering from trauma – most are not used to being petted and often do not enjoy it. Vrouva Farm is definitely not a petting zoo.

Visiting details

· Our visiting days are the first Saturday of every month between 11am and 1pm. 

· Because the farm is hard to find (you can not find it on google maps), we meet our visitors at the bakery nearby.

· Please inform us when you plan to visit via email or a message on Facebook, at least a day in advance.

· All children should be accompanied by an adult – bear in mind that the farm is a very intense environment for very young children.

· Visitors must be always be accompanied by a Vrouva volunteer.

· Apples and carrots are what our animals enjoy most if you would like to bring something for them. For more ideas click here.

· If you want you can take a dog for a walk. They will greatly appreciate it!

Vrouva Farm visit the farm
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