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Our Farm  is not an idyllic, well manicured, easily accessible recreation area where you can spend some carefree hours in Nature enjoying the company of happy animals.

It is a Sanctuary for animals that have been traumatised by abuse, neglect, exploitation or abandonment. Their pain  is very present on the wounds they carry on their bodies and souls  and on the overall atmosphere of the place. Coming  face to face with the intense manifestation of human cruelty is unavoidable  at Vrouva and can be disturbing to any one who is sensitive or an animal lover.

Also, Vrouva was created with very limited means to meet the needs of the animals that find refuge here. It is not very comfortable and easily accessible to humans. There is dust, hair and noise everywhere.
Vrouva Farm is definitely not a petting zoo!

Usually while interacting with  the farm animals the topic of killing animals for meat and consuming animal products often comes up.

At Vrouva Farm everyday is a working day for our volunteers. It gives us joy to serve our animals and it is important to us to keep them cleaned and fed. With this in mind, please consider that there are only certain hours that visits are possible. It’s the first and last Saturday of the month unless there is some animal health emergency.
To visit the farm you have to make an appointment. To do so, please send us an email.
The animals at Vrouva Farm are all rescued animals and are recovering from some kind of trauma. Most animals are not used to being petted and usually do not enjoy it.
You are welcome to visit the farm and offer your love and yummy treats to the animals, but be aware that the chances that you will pet an animal are not high.
For safety reasons children under the age of 5 are not recommended to visit. We have seen that usually the presence of so many animals and the loud barking is overwhelming for very young kids and they don’t enjoy it.
From the ages of 5 till 12 children are welcome under adult supervision, one adult per child.
Visitors are not allowed to walk around the farm by themselves and have to be together with a Vrouva Farm volunteer at all times.

Send us an email if you want to visit. 

Visitors are welcome every Saturday between 11:00 and 13:00.
The animals are always happy to receive some carrots or apples so you can bring them along when you visit, together with a smile and some good vibes!
For more ideas on what you could bring, click here

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