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Looking for host family 

Last summer a kind-hearted woman took pity on old Goofy who was suffering a lot from the heat. So she offered to host him in her house until the summer was over. There, a friend of hers met him and that's how the sweet, shy boy  is now spending a golden old age after a life in a pen.. Love and good care  have made him more beautiful and we are so happy when we see him calm, happy and bright.

If you live in Aegina and can host one of our elderly dogs until the hot weather passes, please contact us.

The farm will be closed July- August

The summer months are particularly hard for both the animals and the volunteers because of the extreme heat of the last years.

We work very early in the morning and late at night to get everyone cleaned , fed and watered. During the day we try to keep everything as quiet as possible so that the animals will not get excited, run around and overheat.

Also, there is an increased danger of fire to the pine forests that surrounds us and often the forestry service prohibits entrance to anyone not authorised.

For those reasons, Vrouva Farm is closed to visitors and temporary volunteers during July and August.

vrouva closed.jpg
What we do and what you do 

Take a look what we do on the farm and how you are helping.

Click here to watch the video.

The star of the farm, Elpida

It is time to bring some extra joy on Sundays. From now on, every Sunday we will be posting a Vrouva Video on our social media for you to enjoy.

Starting with the star of the farm Elpida. 

Click here to watch the video.


This autumn was particularly busy and we kept falling behind and  putting off making our calendar. December finally arrived, we worked quite a few evenings until late at night and finally we made it. Late as usual but quite beautiful and with a strong Vrouvians flavour.

We ask you to support  Vrouva Farm by buying it and  so that you can have our happy animals by your side throughout 2024.

We think you'll like it.

It's €10 as always.

You can find it in Aegina at:

- Tzizis, pet shop

 - MyloKydono

- Alexandra Margariti, gifts and fishing items

In Athens at the Black Dog Tatoo Collective in Koukaki, O. Androutsou 36 and in Kypseli, at 

at Dimotiki Agora, at the Vegan Life PopUp Store.

We can also send it to you.


A big thank you to the stores who host our calendar and to our friends from Adopt a Paw Today who help with the postings.

Happy New Year  

Dear friends, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support throughout the past year. We are counting on you to keep Vrouva Farm going as. a safe haven for animals in need.

We wish you a happy New Year. May it be a peaceful and joyful one with more wisdom, compassion and action.

A new donkey resident at the farm

Our little donkey, Bebis, has a new girlfriend, Vaya. She is beautiful, kind and smart and Bebis is very happy!

The farm will be closed July- August

The summer months are particularly hard for both the animals and the volunteers because of the extreme heat of the last years.

We work very early in the morning and late at night to get everyone cleaned , fed and watered. During the day we try to keep everything as quiet as possible so that the animals will not get excited, run around and overheat.

Also, there is an increased danger of fire to the pine forests that surrounds us and often the forestry service prohibits entrance to anyone not authorised.

For those reasons, Vrouva Farm is closed to visitors and temporary volunteers during July and August.

vrouva closed.jpg

Yesterday, on the first of the month month, Vrouva lost her Angel.
His luminous presence is absent from his stable, from his corral, from the Farm...
It feels so unreal!

Happy New Year!

The Vrouva Farm community wishes you a happy new year. May 2023 be a peaceful year, with more awareness and kindness.

We would love to share the joyful spirit of the farm with you, in this video.

Calendar 2023

Our 2023 Calendar is now available. To order it online click here


Or you can purchase them in Aegina at Eleni Tzitzi's pet shop, at Mylokydono, at Allegro (Emilia's gift shop) opposite the boat ticket offices and at Alexandra Margaritis's shop in Souvala.

In Athens at Black Dog Tatoo Collective, Androutsos 36 in Koukaki.


Support the animals of Vrouva Farm by buying a calendar.

vrouva calendar
Vrouva Farm on tv

This summer we were visited by EPT2, a Greek TV channel and interviewd for the show ‘Tales for Tails’. Thank you to Tasoula Eptakoili and her crew for a lovely day, it was a pleasure to have you all with us. We really enjoyed the episode!

Click here to watch the episode. The part with Vrouva starts at 15:30.

vrouva tv.jpg
Ramon and Roxani

Our sweet siblings , Ramon and Roxani, would love to show themselves in this video 🐶🐶📽 


They are looking for a nice home together.

Click the picture to see the video

Ramon and Roxani
New cats

We have 4 lovely new cats! 

Please welcome: 
Tiger (tabby), 
Mozey, (tabby/white) 
Piglet (b/w) and 
Stanley (b/w).

You can learn more about them by clicking the picture.

Sophie and Ricky

Our sweet couple Sophie and Ricky have been with us for a long time now. Although we love having them around very much, we still hope to find a nice home for them together. They are so sweet and would love their own home where they can get a lot of attention.

Meet Sophie and Ricky in the latest video we made. 

Vegan Recipe Book

Vrouva recipe book is a compilation by Vrouvians and our community to share delicious vegan recipes with you. We hope you enjoy what we made! While the recipe book is free of charge, we would very much appreciate it if you want to support Vrouva.

Click the picture to dowload the book and see how you can make a donation


Financially, the last few months have been difficult for Vrouva Farm.Yet, we were hesitant to ask for help, knowing that that the need was more urgent in other places in the world.

However, now we have found a very affordable fundraising tool that can offer us the long term support that we need in order to continue rescuing and caring for the abandoned and abused animals. It is called Teaming and and you participate by donating only 1€ a month!

Please, join our Teaming group by clicking the picture and give Hope and her friends at Vrouva Farm the support and stability they need.( for EU residents only)

Grandma Olive

Today is the Day of the Tree. 🌳🌲


This day is a celebration declared to protect forests and wooded areas.

So, today we want to share an unique rescue story. It is not about an animal but instead it is about an old olive tree in great danger.


Click the picture to watch the video.

New blog

You can find Princess Lea’s story of love in our latest blog. 
Click the picture to read about it.

Join the Vrouva Family

Do you wish to get email updates with the latest news of Vrouva Farm? This is now possible by joining the Vrouva Family. Follow the link to subscribe.

Life in Vrouva Farm is never boring.Small dramas, unexpected friendships and enmities,funny occasions, heartwarming gestures, difficult decisions….our animals treat us to a full array of emotions and experiences. We would like to include you in our days  by sharing those many moments  with you as they happen. Also, we would like to share with you our great appreciation for your love and support. Thank you! You are part of our family and together we grow.

A taste of Vrouva Farm

Alexia, Sandy and Jejos show us around Vrouva Farm in this video. Click here to watch it

IMG_6820 (1).PNG
2022 Calendar

Our 2022 Calendar is now available. To order it online click here or you can purchase it from our supporting local stores and vets in Aegina as usual.

10 year anniversary

2021 is a special year for us. It’s the 10 year anniversary of Vrouva Farm’s service to animals. 
A proud moment that we can look back on what has been achieved so far. 

We would like to share some of our highlights with you because it’s due to your presence, support and encouragement that we were able to develop our dream: to create a safe place for our animals and to transform Vrouva Farm into the beautiful farm sanctuary that it is today. 

Click here and let us take you on a journey back in time.

Non violent communication workshop

In November our volunteer, Rosie, offered the rest of the Vrouva volunteers a workshop in Non-violent Communication.

It was a very informative afternoon with useful tools gained to improve our communication skills.

Thank you Rosie!

New animals for adoption

Our cats and dogs adoption pages have been updated. You are invited to take a look and meet them. 

Meet the cats click here

Meet the dogs click here 


The heartbreaking pleas of a young girl on behalf of her horse-sister made us put logic aside and all considerations of finances, hay, work, stable space etc and take in yet another beautiful big resident in Vrouva. Upon arrival, Beba was so pleased to see her friends, all the other retired carriage horses, and Angelo in particular.

Go to our meet the residents page to meet Beba.


Meet one of our newest residents at Vrouva Farm, horse Cobra. 
A sweet and gentle retired carriage horse. 

We are so happy that she has joined us. 

Go to our meet the residents page to meet Cobra.

Hay for the horses of Ipperos Farm in the burnt forest of N. Evia

Ipperos Farm needs our help! The grazing lands of the horses were destroyed in the fires of the summer, and with that and covid there has been no support from kind visitors. The owner, Sapfo, could use any donation to help feed the horses and keep them healthy through the coming winter.

Ipperos Farm was the source of Vrouvas first equine, Eric, and has been a great mentor in horse care through out the years. Its time to give back for all of the invaluable advice and support they have shown to Vrouva!

Click the picture to donate.

Thank you for your continued support of the animals of Greece

evia 2.JPG

Click here to visit our new blog and read the story of Bruno.

Bruno&Alexia aug 19.jpg
Hay for the year

Our animals enjoy eating hay and it helps them to keep healthy.This winter we had so little rain that it is now more necessary than ever to buy hay so our animals can keep enjoying the hay. We can get a good price for the hay if we order in bulk. This is the reason why we are asking your help. It would be great if we can raise this money to place a order for 500 bales for the whole year. One bale is €5,-. If you want to help click the picture to go to the donation page. Or contact us for our bank info

Farouk and Odysseas

These two brothers are happy to introduce themselves on the website. You can read about them on the adoption page. Click the picture to go to the page. 

Our volunteer Jejos

The film director Peni Panagiotopoulou made a beautiful documentary for greek television portraying the life of our volunteer Jejos. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have subtitles. You can find it on Ertflix and the series is called The Magic of People.

Click the picture to go to the video

Meet our cats

Meet our cats who are looking for a nice new home. They are happy to make their introduction on the website. Click the picture to meet them

22-03-2021: Update

We are so happy that most of our cats that we posted on the website found nice homes.
Eli and Paella are still waiting for their new owner. Will you help them in their search?


Our beloved Margarita is not with us any more in the physical realm.She died of colic (and old age) the day after Christmas with the help of our equine vets.
Margarita must have lived over 40 years( the last 11 with us) and was very old. Still, her death was painful and unexpected to all the residents and volunteers of Vrouva Farm.
We buried her next to her soulmate Kitsos and her friend Eric. We like to imagine them reunited, happily grazing on the green fields of heaven.
The sweet memories,the kindness and the love of our beautiful donkey girl will stay with us forever.
Thank you Margarita


Good news! The Vrouva Farm calendar 2021 is out! You can order yours here.
All the profits will go to the animals of our farm.

vrouva farm calendar 2021
Meet the residents

The animals that call Vrouva Farm their forever home, would like to introduce themselves on this page

vrouva farm residents
New dogs

We have placed some new dogs on our adoption page
Lucky, Antonis, Rhea and Spirta love to introduce themselves and hope to find their new owner soon. Go quickly to the adoption page by clicking on the picture

vrouva farm dogs

Α new resident has been added to the Vrouva farm family.

Welcome Angelo

vrouva farm angelo
New video

The story of Hope.
Click the picture to go to the video

vrouva farm hope
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