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If you are not able to adopt an animal you may consider fostering.
Fostering a dog or kitten greatly increases their chances of being adopted as it teaches them how to live in a home. It reinforces trust, a meaningful bond with humans and other animals and also fuels their confidence and social interaction.


What are we asking for for a foster home:


An ideal foster home would be in Aegina or close enough.
A safe, enclosed outside area. Where the animals can run and play without risk of running out into the road.
You and your home should be available for a minimum period of 2 months.
If you have other pets that is not a problem. We can find a dog or kitten that will go well with your animals. 

There is also the possibility of offering your time and home to an older dog for the very hot months of summer or the colder months of winter. As the heat and cold is difficult for our older dogs, you could consider offering your time and cozy/cool home to them during the hot summer or cold winter months.

Fostering a dog or kitten allows you to have a pet and improve their lives even if you are unable to make a long term commitment.


Watch the videos to see some nice examples of the benefits of fostering

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