Meet the residents

The animals that call Vrouva Farm their forever home, would like to introduce themselves on this page. 


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Magnificent Angelo worked for two and a half decades pulling a cart at the port of Aegina.

Finally, his owner decided to retire him and brought him to Vrouva Farm to spend his final years in peace.

He is 29 years old, in very good physical condition( for his age and occupation) and extremely good looking. As for his character... his name says it all!

Welcome home Angelo!

vrouva farm Angelo

Artemis and Demetra

Demetra (grey) and Artemis (brown) are sisters. They were separated for 20 years and reunited in Vrouva Farm. Their joy was indescribable! From then on, they are always near each other.

Vrouva farm Artemis and Demetra


Bebis was born in 2018. He is still so very young and also a newcomer to the farm. When he arrived, he had a bad skin condition and missed his mom a lot. Slowly, he is adjusting and is starting to be healthier and happier.

Vrouva Farm Bebis


Bouriko came to Vrouva with a broken leg. We see him adjust and enjoying life. We are looking into finding a brace for his broken leg that will help him walk with more ease. He is a very clever donkey. He knows how to open gates and he used to let all the other animals out too until we started “Bouriko-proofing” our gates. He also does this amazing acrobatic thing where he stands on his back legs to reach the branches of the olive trees for some delicious treats.

Vrouva Farm Bouriko

the Chickens

Most of our hens and roosters belong to a traditional breed so they have a big variability in colours and temperaments. Our goal is to manage to remember the names of each one if our feathery friends.

Vrouva Farm Chickens

the Goats

Our goats are Olive, Beauty and her daughter Irene. Two of them are wild goat mixes and the third is a domestic breed. All three are very close friends and always plan their (many) mischievous games together.

Vrouva Farm the Goats


She is an absolute darling! Smart, friendly and so very cute, she has us all at her beck and call. We try not to show how smitten we are so as not to make Suzie jealous.

Vrouva Farm Gucci


Hope is the first rescue cow to be rescued from a slaughterhouse in Greece. Her rescuer spent a lot of time and effort in keeping her alive and also in assuring her safe arrival at Vrouva Farm. Hope, herself, thinks she is totally worth all this effort. She definitely knows she is special and gets away with mischief all the time. Her favourite thing to do is knock over her water bowl every time it gets filled up! Even though she can be cheeky at times, the deep love, joy, affection and peace that she lends to the farm can easily make your day!  

Vrouva Farm Hope

Manolis and Jina

Manolis ended up in Vrouva because of his ‘bad’ character. Jina is young, kind, beautiful and friendly with all. She was just a temporary resident at the farm but when she fell in love with Manoli, we all agreed to have her stay. The two are inseparable and love each other very much!

Vrouva Farm Manoli and Jina

the Sheep

The first 2 sheep, Ashka and Buck, came to Vrouva Farm in 2012. Nionios and Azur are their offspring and were born at the farm. Theodora, the black sheep of the family (literally!), was exchanged for 3 sacks of corn and was heading for the oven when a kind-hearted volunteer intervened and saved her. Our sheep are a very tightly knit and loving family. They have a calming effect on the whole farm and are still quite weary of humans.

Vrouva Farm the Sheep


Suzy was also saved from a slaughterhouse. Her rescuer brought her to the farm after neighbours complained. We love to take care of Suzy. She has a strong character and loves to play pranks. At Vrouva she has made many new friends and enjoys sharing her land with the chickens.

Vrouva Farm Suzy


Tzanis was born in 1991. He worked all his life as a carriage horse and gained the nickname “Kilometer Counter” because of his hard work and endurance. When he retired, Alia, his guardian angel, spotted him in a field struggling to eat the hard, dry grass and brought him to the farm. Since then, our mission at Vrouva has been to help him gain some weight! He is a calm and gentle old grandad and can sometimes still be weary of humans that he is unfamiliar with.

Vrouva Farm Tzanis