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What we do... and what you do 

Whatwe do video

Take a look what we do on the farm and how you are helping.

The star of the Farm, Elpida 

elpida video

Meet our lovely rescue pig Suzy

suzy video

Season’s greetings from Vrouva farm!

Life of a volunteer at Vrouva Farm

A video about the daily life of a volunteer at Vrouva Farm

Happy New Year

The Vrouva Farm community wishes you a happy new year. May 2023 be a peaceful year, with more awareness and kindness.

We would love to share the joyful spirit of the farm with you in this video.

happy new year

A taste of Vrouva Farm

a taste of Video

Alexia, Sandy and Jejos show you around Vrouva

Grandma Olive

We want to share an unique rescue story . It is not about an animal but instead it is about an old olive tree in great danger

Vrouva is now 10 years old

2021 is the 10 year anniversary of Vrouva Farm’s service to animals

Vrouva Rollercoaster

Join us on this ride through Vrouva memories.

Elpida Song

A unique and loving composition for our special cow Elpida.


Lost without you

Vrouva is a place where humans and animals connect and form bonds.

Let's go outside

Play time for our residents.

Christmas at Vrouva Farm

The residents of Vrouva Farm show you how they celebrate Christmas.

Ένα Σαββατοκύριακο στη Vrouva Farm στην Αίγινα

Our good friend Dimitra made this video about her visit to the Farm.
Thank you!

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