Vrouva Rollercoaster

Join us on this ride through Vrouva memories.

Elpida Song

A unique and loving composition for our special cow Elpida.

Story of Vrouva Farm 

This is a video made in 2016. Many things have changed since then: We are now a Farm Sanctuary and no longer an eco community. Our volunteer policy has changed. And Eric, our beloved pony, has crossed the rainbow bridge. Other animals and humans have come and left. However Eric’s dream,the spirit of Vrouva Farm, remains the same.

Lost without you

Vrouva is a place where humans and animals connect and form bonds.

Let's go outside

Play time for our residents.

Christmas at Vrouva Farm

The residents of Vrouva Farm show you how they celebrate Christmas.

Ένα Σαββατοκύριακο στη Vrouva Farm στην Αίγινα

Our good friend Dimitra made this video about her visit to the Farm.Thank you!