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Volunteers are the backbone of Vrouva. We are a diverse group, striving to overcome the barriers that divide us and work together to help animals, which is a very rewarding experience. We are united by our love for animals, nature, and for the farm itself.

If you're considering volunteering, you are very welcome! We have many volunteers who visit from all over the world, and some who live on the island full-time.

Successful volunteers:

· Can commit to a minimum of one month

· Are community-minded and happy living communally

· Don’t mind getting dirty!

· Live to serve animals (not the other way round)

· Are happy with basic toilet and (cold) shower facilities

· Will eat vegan, and abide by the no alcohol/no drugs rule while on the farm

If you are interested, please fill in the volunteer form here

Vrouva Farm Volunteering
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