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Staying at Vrouva Farm as a volunteer

Have you always wanted to help out on an animal rescue farm or even live there in the community? If so, then a stay at Vrouva Farm as a volunteer could be what you are looking for.

Vrouva Farm Kitchen
Team meeting place in front of the kitchen

Vrouva Farm is surrounded by nature and located on a hilltop on the beautiful Greek island of Aegina. A natural stone and tree landscape surrounds the farm and from the highest point, you can enjoy a view of the sea and of Athens.

A stay of more than 3 weeks is desirable for the farm operator Alexia, but it is best to discuss details directly with her, as she will then decide together with her local team who can come to the farm.

For me it was an absolutely enriching experience to be able to work and live there as a volunteer. I fulfilled my long-held dream of working on an animal rescue farm. The fantastic backdrop and the proximity to the sea were a real stroke of luck for me, but not the deciding factor. I was actually looking forward to interacting with the numerous dogs, cats and farm animals such as donkeys, cows and sheep on site, as well as the team of volunteers that lives on the farm. A sign with “No Wifi” adorns the lovingly designed entrance to the farm and I actually used my time there to completely take a break from my cell phone. I only took photos with it, otherwise everyone knew: I'm on a farm in the mountains and "not available" ;-)

Olive tree at Vrouva Farm
The old olive tree on the farm, a great place to recharge your batteries in the shade

What surprised me most and made me happy at the same time was that despite the challenging circumstances there, all the people and especially the animals are and were so extremely friendly and warm. No matter what fate the dogs suffered before they found loving refuge on the farm, the dogs welcomed me happily and were so grateful for every stroke and every walk. The tasks there also include providing food, water and cleaning the kennel facility. You need to be a little careful with the two big pot-bellied pigs, Suzi and Gucci. Suzi is sometimes bitchy and tries to snap, but the team shows you everything when you arrive and you get really good instructions on what you need to pay attention to so that everyone can work safely and avoid accidents from happening.

I want to emphasise that working with animals is a great responsibility and even though it can be hot in the summer and you can be distracted by the wonderful energy there, it requires being absolutely focused and careful with the living creatures on site. There are guidlines for a few rules that need to be respected, for example, the dogs should not escape from the kennels.

The best thing for me was the daily coffee outside on the couch surrounded by lots of cats in need of cuddles.

Vrouva Farm Aegina Cats
It opens my heart, I would love to adopt them all

Then my soul opened and a real purring concert of the kitties unfolded. It was sometimes difficult for me to bring myself together to start work. But the barking dogs were already waiting for my morning greeting and feeding round. They were always waiting for me with wagging tails and joyful sounds.

There are certain activities on the farm that you will be assigned to after consultation with Alexia, the farm founder. In your free time, you can devote yourself to your own projects on the farm, such as building fences, painting and beautifying the unique farm complex or going to the beach.

I spent most of my time in the dog kennels playing with the dogs and pampering them with cuddles.

I was able to provide some healing care, such as the release of blockages, to Ramon, the handsome black male dog, who I immediately took to my heart. A particularly nice experience for me was that the little black dog Tsimi confided in me right from the start and, to Alexia's surprise, we went for a walk. It was only when Alexia asked again, astonished, when I told her, that it came to light that Tsimi was always hiding and had therefore unfortunately been on the farm for years without having been adopted. She was a real dream dog who walked with me and we had really pleasant walks outside the farm in the mountains. In the kennel I just noticed that she was a bit shy and was hiding under the caravan, which aroused my interest and I tried to gain her trust, which I quickly succeeded in doing.

However, it was only later through Alexia's stories that I realized that it was such a great achievement for Tsimi. Just one year after my stay, the miracle happened and Tsimi found a home. This news brought tears of joy to my eyes and my heart laughed. Nobody would have thought that and yet, miracles happen on Vrouva.

Thank you to Alexia for your tireless work on site and your team, as well as all the helpers who give the animals there the chance of a loving and better life.

Anyone who wants to help on the farm and can cope with the fact that the donkey has babies or a cat will look in or jump through the toilet window covered with dust and who knows how to keep his food safe from the cats or if you would like to share it, you are welcome to contact Alexia and talk to her about whether a stay on the farm makes sense and is feasible for both sides.

You can get detailed questions about your stay on the farm from Alexia, she is a native Greek and speaks perfect English.

By the way, you can adopt the dogs and cats from Vrouva Farm. Alexia and her team will advise you and you can visit the farm for several days to get to know your animal better and see whether it is right for you. The organization does not make any profits and is purely there to help street animals. I can warmly recommend it to you.


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