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New dogs at Vrouva

Vrouva Farm focuses mainly on rescuing and caring for farm animals and not pets. However, whenever a big need arises involving cats or dogs (and if we have space), we make an exception to our rules.

The truth is that we are all animal lovers and have a strong desire to help all animals... and breaking our own rules is so fun!


This time though, we overdid it.

First we welcomed 7 old dogs who became homeless when their beautiful house got torn down to make space for luxury apartments as part of the Ellinikon old airport development project.


Then, five small puppies were abandoned outside the local cemetery on the coldest day of the year and we could not let them freeze.

And lastly, an elderly dog and a sweet hunting dog were both abandoned in our village and found their way to Vrouva Farm (with some help from us!).


Thankfully, 2023 had been a good year for us concerning dog adoptions. We are hugely grateful to Adopt a Paw Today, Friends of the Strays of Greece, our volunteers and friends and family for helping us home 15 of our doggies, many of which were older, shy or with health challenges.This created some empty spaces at the farm.


Now, all our pens are full again and we have a lot of work ahead of us to get our new residents healthy and settled. Our hands are full again and there are many expenses of course, like blood tests, vaccines, good food, medications, etc.

We hope some of these dogs will be able to be adoptable eventually.

Others, like 17-year old Gilda and her best friend, little 15-year old Milou will probably stay here until their end.

We will try to give each one the best life we possibly can.

Could you help support the new residents of Vrouva Farm?

Even the smallest help is important for us.

Thank you.

Alpha Bank, Friends of Vrouva Farm: GR5701401610161002002018834

Or donate directly using te links below


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