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The story of Rea

4,5 years ago I met Rea for the first time. She was rescued and brought to Vrouva farm because she was in a dangerous situation. She was together with her two brothers in a pen where someone threw poison bait inside. Her brothers were bigger and faster so they ate all the poison bait . They both died.

She was left for days in the pen with her dead siblings before she came to Vrouva. Rea was really depressed, skinny and had some wounds when she arrived.

I spent some time with her the first day she came to Vrouva and tried to make her feel a bit better.

Now every time I come back I see so much improvement thanks to the Vrouva team! She looks happy (smiling), is playing with other dogs, making new friends and going for walks. Rea still recognises me every time I visit Vrouva. It’s lovely to see her improvement, but it would be even better if she could find her forever home.

She really deserves it and she is such a sweetheart! 💕


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