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The story of Bella

Because of limited resources (time, money, space, energy) Vrouva farm focuses mainly on farm animals and not on cat and dog rescues. This hurts us, particularly when we have to say no to all the kind people that have helped pets in distress and then hope to bring them to us because they cannot keep them. It therefore gives us great joy when we can help other rescuers and volunteers that work with cats and dogs. One such rescue that we particularly enjoyed was Bella.

Bella was acquired as a puppy by a farmer in the South of Greece and chained outside his chicken coop. For six years her life was defined by a 2- metre chain and the chickens she wholeheartedly guarded. Lucky for her, a kind animal rescuer with a nearby shelter took notice of her and started keeping an eye out for her. Vasso filled her water bowl when it was empty, supplemented her ration of food, gave her parasite treatments and sterilised her in time. Most importantly though, Vasso loved the lonely Bella, spent time with her and even let her run free once in a while. Then, one day, the farmer died and the dog’s life was put on the line.

Vasso, sadly, couldn’t take her because there was absolutely no more space in her shelter. The farmer’s wife didn’t want to keep her. It seemed that the only solution was to give her to some other farmer far away, to be tied to another chain and disappear forever. Helen, a wonderful volunteer at Vasso’s shelter, had known the gentle dog and could not bear for her to have that terrible fate. So she started an online campaign trying to find some other solution.

One of the people she reached out to was Lyn from Friends of the Strays of Greece, a great Vrouva friend and long term supporter. Lyn contacted us asking if we could take her temporarily and offering to cover all her costs. We said yes. Linda Thomson, from Thomson’s pet transport, kindly volunteered to do the transport and in less than a week Bella was in Vrouva Farm, free from the chain, stretching her sore legs, making friends for the first time in her life.

We were surprised by how kind, how well behaved and how trusting she was. Eveything was new to her and yet she would just look at us with her big gentle eyes, wag her tail and do everything we asked her her too. What a wonderful dog! Thankfully, all her blood tests came back perfect so now all she needs is the last step of her Odyssey: a loving family.

Even though she is big and black, she is a dog of extraordinary kindness and a wonderful character. We are sure there must be someone out there who will open their heart and home to her. You can help by sharing her story.

It took care, effort and support from a whole community of people including Vasso, Helen and their supporters, Lynda Thomson, Lyn and Friends of the Strays of Greece and the Vrouva Farm team to bring Bella to safety. It takes a village to save a dog!

We are overjoyed that the sweet girl is finally happy and free and on her way to finding her forever home.

Compassion can make miracles happen!


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