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From scared and skinny to settled

Updated: Jul 26

Scared, skinny, and riddled with ticks and fleas, the month-old babies were a sorry sight! It was early September 2017 and we have just found Blue and Lola abandoned in the pine forest.

We took them to the farm where. For the first week, they just cuddled very close to each other and looked out at the world sadly. They were so anemic, they panted with the slightest movement. Then, suddenly, their appetite returned and little tails started to wag. They left the security of their cage and started exploring. Suddenly, they were everywhere - the world was their oyster! Nina, our old sheepdog, kept an eye out for them and saved them from grumpy cats. Zoe, a teenager, showed them where the treats were kept and what smelly delicacies to roll in. As Lola and Blue grew into beautiful young dogs, their popularity increased. Other dogs, cats, humans, and even Margarita the donkey liked spending time with them.

The time had come for them to find a home but how could we bear to separate them? They loved each other fiercely!

Thanks to Lyn and Friends of the Strays of Greece the impossible happened: In early 2018, a wonderful couple in Scotland agreed to adopt them both. Everyone at the farm was overjoyed! Blue and Lola left for their long, overland trip in late March.

When I visited them in their new home in Scotland, two months later, they seemed settled. Thanks to the experience, dedication, and care of their family they were adjusting beautifully to life in the big world. They recognized me and greeted me joyfully but made it very clear that this was their home now and they were sooo very happy!

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