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Princess Lea

The summer I found Princess was the summer Alexia called " the tsunami of kittens" summer. Kittens just kept coming and coming. I turned my spare bedroom into a kitten nursery. It was a very happy place. The kittens played together, slept all cuddled together, groomed each other lovingly and oozed happiness and contentment all day long. My dear cat Gremlin slipped into their domain whenever she could - cause she's happiest when she can go into mother cat mode. She groomed the babies until they were squeaky clean and content. A cardboard box was all that was needed to raise the happiness level a notch or two. The box would become their play castle that they would all fall asleep in after playing their high energy ambush games.

princess cat found in Aegina
Princess a day after she was found

Towards the end of the summer, while I was driving home on a lonely stretch of road, a tiny, fluffy kitten dashed in front of me and stared at my oncoming car with determination - she seemed to be willing me to stop for her. It was far too dangerous to stop right there, so I swerved to miss her and drove on a few meters to where there was a good place to pull over onto. She came running towards me as fast as her little legs could carry her, meowing more loudly than I would have expected such a little creature to be able to, and climbed up onto my lap. She'd just won the chance to live happily ever afterwards and she must have known it, cause she started to purr loudly with relief.

Princess is now a beautiful big girl

Here she is now, three years later, in her wonderful home where she was adopted along with two of her best friends from the kitten nursery (after picking her up in the road she soon became the centre of attention at my home and the others all rallied to make her feel like the princess they knew she was) So, thanks to Marlies, she went to the Netherlands. I tentatively asked Marlies if it was at all possible for the three good friends, Frankie, Jules and Princess to stay together. To my amazement Marlies said "yes", and that was the perfect ending to the Three Muscateer's new beginning. Find them on Instagram for some heartwarming photos of love and companionship


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