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Vrouva Farm 10 years

Probably somewhere in 2010 I was taking a hike with Alexia somewhere in the middle of nowhere, (I was happy Alexia was with me, because I did not have a clue where we were) When Alexia told me about an idea she was having. She wanted to start a farm on the place we were walking.

I will be honest, I thought her idea was too ambitious. A farm on Aegina in Greece, where animal rescue is not something what a lot of people understand (especially 10 years ago) . And the country was in the middle of the economic crisis.. I did not really see it happening, but I admired Alexia for trying and of course for everything she was already doing for the animals, big or small.

A year later I was walking on the same spot again and it was so great to see Eric, the pony, walking around and the farm was becoming a real thing. Eric loved the place and so did the other animals. I was clearly wrong and so happy that Alexia had the strength and bravery to start Vrouva Farm. Together with a great group of volunteers and animal lovers around her.

Since I live and work in the Netherlands I am not at Vrouva Farm so very often, but because I come only around twice a year I can really see the difference every time I come. The place is improving all the time and it is great to see the effort people all over the world are making for the farm.

And somehow they can still surprise me, when Jezo told me that he wanted to make a bathroom with a shower and proper toilet, I thought that it was not possible. Was I wrong again, Vrouva now has a lovely bathroom and kitchen for the volunteers. But most important, it is a great place for rescued animals!

Now Vrouva Farm already exists for 10 years and what they have achieved in those 10 years is amazing. Seeing animals walking around like Hope and Suzy is great to see. They are getting such good care.

Vrouva Farm started with nothing and now is an amazing place for rescued animals with a great group of volunteers.

Vrouva congratulations on the 10 years and how much you have changed the lives for the better of the animals coming to the farm. I am looking forward to help the next 10 years. And know when you want to achieve something go for it.


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