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Sring Flowers Vrouva Farm

After a long , cold and emotionally difficult winter, the arrival of two wonderful volunteers, Matilde and Sam, coincided with the coming of Spring.

Our mood changed as the flowers kept blooming in consecutive waves and covering the fields, the hills and the gardens with colour.

With the extra help of Matilda and Sam we were able to do a good spring cleaning and we did some new paint jobs.

It is lovely to see the horses, donkeys, sheep, goats and Hope enjoying grazing in the fields.

To celebrate the Kurdish New Year and the start of spring we had a nice lunch together and planted a lemon tree. Hopefully it will grow into a healthy big tree. Like our Grandma Olive tree who sprouted new leaves!

We are so happy with the help we get from our supporters. From the Netherlands a pallet of very nice items arrived. Kittenmilk, collars, leads and many more useful items.

We also received great help from Germany with the start of our "Teaming group". With the financial aid of this group we can give Hope and her friends at Vrouva Farm the support and stability they need. You can join the group by clicking the button below. When you join you donate 1 euro a month.

Thank you for your support! We are so happy to share more pictures from this past month with you.


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