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bruno at vrouva farm, aegina

Bruno with his beautiful posture, his fluffy tale and blue tongue is for sure the Alpha of the 3rd fence. He is the smartest, strongest (he knows it) and the most beautiful dog of the pack of the 3rd fence.

Second chance

Bruno lived in a home before he came to us. He loved his owner so so much that her husband was getting jealous. One unfortunate moment with a steak and bite was the excuse her husband was looking for. From his couch Bruno ended up to the vet to be put down with the label of an aggressive dog.... He was only two years old then...

Our beloved vet though, decided that he deserves a second chance and that is how he ended up in Vrouva.

4 years at Vrouva Farm

Bruno at Vrouva Farm, Aegina

He's been with us 4 years now and he's one of our most calm, disciplined, affectionate and good dogs. The first one to come to the gate to say hi to visitors... He truly has a character that makes him stand out from the rest of the pack.

He is very easy to walk, he comes when you call him and doesn't chase or harm cats. His only flaw is that he is protective of his food. He doesn't anyone to mess with his food and he sure lets them know.

Looking for a home

Although Bruno has settled in Vrouva and he's enjoying his life, if you look deep in his eyes you will see that he has not forgotten his first love. He still longs for a person to love and protect... That's when our beloved Bruno will be truly happy!


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