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Just small enough to be a lapdog

Updated: Jul 26

There’s a new dog in pen 3 and Mickey is a little afraid. I've known Mickey for about 3 years. He’s a spunky little guy and I've never seen him this desperate to go home with me. Cute little Mickey wiggles his way into your heart. He's come so far in the past few years, it’s impossible not to want to pick him up and cuddle. So, Spike and I fostered Mickey for a week.

Mickey and his sister Minnie were abandoned as very small puppies. They lived on the street for a bit, fending for themselves against the cats, other dogs, and foxes. A nice person would sometimes feed them with the stray cats. Eventually, they ended up at Vrouva, afraid of people and completely overwhelmed. It took months before they would let anyone approach them...and more time before I could get a lead on them to take them on walks. It took over a year before Mickey would let me pick him up. And then another before he started to want to be picked up!

Now Mickey likes people and really needs a home. Since he seemed so desperate to get away for a bit, it seemed like a good time to give him a head-start.

Spike and I chose a special, small bed since Spike's beds are Spike size. We got small dog food. Mickey was timid at first. He didn’t know about doors or glass doors or stairs. But after a day, he made himself at home.

Of course, Mickey liked Spike’s bed...and Spike preferred the little one we got for Mickey. Which looked absurd, but suited them both. They went on walks together and Mickey had no problem keeping up on the 5km morning run. He was a trooper in the car, too. Just sat he'd been doing it forever.

All week, Mickey entertained us with his attempts to get us to pay attention to him. He wants to be a lapdog, but is just a little too big for my lap. He was a joy to have around. Sweet, cuddly, well-behaved and just really sweet. Spike and I miss him already...but we know he'll find the right forever home soon.

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