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The Adventure of Abbie, Agnes, Rosalie, Toby, and little Lottie

Updated: Jul 26

How do you get 5 puppies to Scotland? With a lot of goodwill and very accommodating volunteers! Some friends of Vrouva in Scotland decided to adopt the five puppies that Sandy was fostering – they were good people and met the strict criteria that Vrouva has for adopting animals. Once this was confirmed, the game was on!

On Aegina, Sandy and Alexia handled the administrative procedures:

  • Vaccinations

  • De-worming

  • Electronic identifying chip

  • Passports

All of this has to be carefully documented in the dogs’ passports – there are strict rules on dogs traveling in the EU. Alexia and Sandy got a few other people to check the passports, just to be sure.

In the meantime, Aimee and Caroline worked on logistics. We were flying the puppies to Paris because Aimee had work there. They would stay in Paris with Carolina until our friend from Scotland could come pick them up.

Of course there were problems. The Scotish friends decided they would meet us at the airport in Paris…and then were late. So Aimee and Carolina walked the puppies around the parking garage at the airport for a few hours. It was very cold. Then Aimee had to leave for a meeting; leaving poor Carolina alone with the puppies, hoping that our friends would arrive soon.

Through all this, the puppies were having fun. They were frightened in the airport but once they got to the garage, they were too distracted with new scents and smells, that they almost forgot even to pee! They were absolutely the sweetest, cutest, most adorable puppies. Each with their own lovely personality: Toby is the ringleader, always getting the others into trouble; Lottie is the quiet one; Rosalie is well-behaved and kind-hearted; Abbie is patient and loving; Agnes is the pretty one.

Of course, the Scottish friends arrived and whooshed the puppies away. They’ve all now arrived in their new homes and look so, so happy! With many thanks to Hayley, Joy, Jinni, and Carol.

A happy ending for our five lovely puppies.

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