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Spike's Holiday chez Aimee

Updated: Jul 26

Spike is the coolest dog at Vrouva. Never really having been a "cool kid", I did a lot of observing of what makes "cool". Spike is it.

Spike's been at Vrouva for about a year this time. He was left in the road leading to Vrouva as a puppy. A lovely Greek family adopted him, took very good care of him, trained him and loved him very much. And then tragedy struck - the crisis meant that they had to move and couldn't keep Spike. So he came back to Vrouva.

Spike enjoys being with people. I mean...he really likes people. He climbs out of his pen, over 2 meter fences, through small holes in gates just to get to be with people. Since I'm a rock climber, I respect this in him.

I took him home with me for a few days. Here's how it went down:

Spike's holiday day 1. He hasn't climbed anything. Give him time; he's a climber at heart. Still trying to train him to "selfie". :-).

Spike's holiday day 2: went for a walk, went to the gym, visited the neighbor, slept, slept in the sun, unauthorized visit to the dumpster down the street, lost a staring contest with Aimee, refused to sit still for a selfie. I think he's getting the hang of this. ;-)

Spike's holiday day 3. Great day! Morning run and meeting the neighborhood dogs (there was a girl I thought he was interested in, but I don't think it will work out), sleeping by the front door, sleeping by the back door, running through the flowers (Bollywood, here he comes!).

Spike was GREAT to have around. Perfectly trained and super sweet and affectionate.

Next installment coming soon: Spike goes to restaurants...

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