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Age: 2018

Size: Medium

Love at first sight!

You see her and you are speechless!

Everything on her  seems beautiful to you:

Her intense eyes, her white fur, her openness, her joy...

You can't get her out of your mind.

You want her to be yours, to be hers, to share your life together.

But can you give this wonderful creature the life she deserves?

She needs a garden or yard, long walks, dog friends to play with and above all a lot of love and a little bit of patience to learn life in the city and inside the house.

She will richly reward you with her lovable character, her beauty and her special sense of humor.

Princess Zoe is very friendly with everyone, spayed, vaccinated and waiting for you.

If you are interested in Zoe you can click here to send us an email enquiry. 

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