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Who we are 

Vrouva Farm is a small farm sanctuary on the island of Aegina. It is home to pet and domestic animals as well as a few volunteers. It survives thanks to an international community of committed animal lovers, some of whom live in Aegina and volunteer regularly at the farm.


Visit the Farm

Your support is important to us and we really want to share our love for domestic animals and our philosophy with you. In order not to disturb the daily routine of our animals, visits to the farm are made only one day a month, by appointment. We will be happy to show you around the farm!


Vrouva Farm survives thanks to a local and international community of committed animal lovers. 

We are always looking for volunteers that are willing to come and help for a longer period. 

marina and horse

Support us 

Vrouva Farm relies entirely on donations from friends and well-wishers. 100% of your donation goes directly to providing food, water and medicine for the animals, as well as infrastructure, transport and emergeny services. 

Meet the residents


Our residents can be permanent or temporary. In both cases they have a safe place to rest and recover, getting the love, care and medical attention they need. We have many different species of animals. They are happy to introduce themselves here.

Marlon&Peggy sept 19.jpg


We have wonderful dogs and cats who want a loving family. You will meet them on our website and you can become the forever companion of one of them.

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