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In 2011, Hermes and Maya, two sheperds from the Evia dog shelter were the first residents of Vrouva Farm. Five years later, the farm has over a hundred animals.


Vrouva Farm is located near the village of Mesagros on the island of Aegina in Greece. Animals, especially cats and dogs, are abandoned on Aegina. We take the animals in, clean them up, ensure they are healthy, give them a place to live and be loved and try to find them homes when we can.


The farm is run by volunteers and funded exclusively by private donations. 


We believe in treading lightly on our planet as we try to become the change we want to see in the world.


By donating to Vrouva, you can help ensure the animals get the love and care they deserve

Adoptable dogs
Featured Dog


Sweettea and her sister, Samsa were abandoned a few months ago.  A friend of Vrouva found them shivering and scared behind a dumpster.  They are now being fostered, but desperately need forever homes.​

Featured Cat


Poupoulo was light as a feather when we first found him as a stray kitten. He was sweet, friendly and loving. Unfortunately as he grew up to become a most stunning cat, his good looks went to his head. He is still very affectionate, but quite vain. He loves to be admired.​

Adoptable cats
Kitten by Kate
Millie & friends
Buster & Tiny
Kitten by Kate
Millie & friends
Buster & Tiny
25 euro will feed one dog for a month
Your donation to Vrouva Farm will help feed all the animals on the farm - every little helps!
Feed a  dog for a month


Instead of giving gifts for special occasions, why not sponsor a dog or cat in the name of a relative, friend, or business partner? Why not consider giving a monthly donation?

Vrouva is fortunate to have the support of many different supporters - both in our community on Aegina and abroad.

Our animals mostly need good homes.  Some of our sponsors also provide funds for Vrouva to maintain and care for the animals, especially those who have health or behavioural issues.  

vrouva farm animal sanctuary aegina greece

Vrouva Farm Animal Sanctuary
 Aegina, Greece 1810



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