Donate to the farm

Hundreds of animals are made homeless and abandoned on Aegina each year - could you help us?


Finances are very limited. We recycle, reuse and improvise to make the most of what we have.  Any donation would greatly help us improve the lives of our animals.  


By giving to Vrouva, you could: 


  • 20 euro will protect a cat from fleas and ticks for 3 months


  • 25 euro will feed a dog for month


  • 30 euro will pay for part of yearly vaccines for cats and dogs


  • 60 euro pays for a visit from the vet to examine all the animals, take samples and tests, and ensure that they are healthy


  • 100 euro feeds 8 cats for a month

  • 100 euro will provide 6 months protection from fleas, ticks and worms for a dog


You can send donations to Vrouva via PayPal to email address:

vrouva farm animal sanctuary aegina greece

Vrouva Farm Animal Sanctuary
 Aegina, Greece 1810



If you prefer to make a
deposit email us to send 

you our bank information

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