Meet some of the Vrouvians

These are the special people who give their energy and time ​to make Vrouva what it is: not your usual animal shelter, but a loving and happy community of unique individuals united under one similar passion for animals. 


The Farm would be nothing without its volunteers. Come and be apart of our Vrouvian family!

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Thanks a million to everyone who has made Vrouva Farm what it is today, and what it shall be tomorrow. 


Alexia founded Vrouva Farm and is the driving force behind everything that Vrouva is.  A consumate animal lover, Alexia cares deeply about the environment and social issues.  

She's an inspiration to us all.


Sandy has been volunteering at Vrouva almost since the beginning.  She cares deeply about animals; she has eight dogs of her own and lots of cats.  Sandy is a native of South Africa and has been living on Aegina for over 20 years.  She also does wonderful walking tours of the island - see her page on Tours by Locals.  She's also the island's dog groomer!


Jezo is the guy who gets stuff done.  Building hen houses and stables, grooming the olive trees, Jezo helps make sure that Vrouva can operate.  He's been working with animals most of his life.  He's Kurdish and has been living in Greece for over 20 years.


Mariana is one of the backbones of Vrouva; without her Vrouva would not be the same.  Never having worked with dogs before, she has a way of coaxing even the most frightened dog out of its pen.  She has a wonderful sense of humour and a air of serenity.  She also happens to be a German-Greek translator!


Marios is a valuable member of our team and every week he impresses us with his work ethic and attention to detail. And the animals adore him! 


Carolina is the kind of volunteer everyone needs - comes in, makes things happen, does what she says she's going to do and is happy to do anything.  She's has a lovely Italian sense of life and great fun!


Kostas is Vrouva's master builder and fixer of all disasters.  Without Kostas, there would be no Vrouva.  Besides fixing and building, Kostas also is a weekly volunteer, doing whatever needing to be done around the sanctuary.


Marco is one of our most enthusiastic volunteers.  He loves the puppies - and the cats, donkeys, horses... A great guy to have around!


Everyone loves Deilis. From the smallest kitten to the grumpiest human we all feel our spirits rise when she shows up at the gate- usually with some sweet yummy to share. She is the animals' most favorite person in the world!


Elizabeth is a long supporter of animal rights in Greece and on Aegina.  Her Canadian roots make her a practical person. Her advice and support since the foundation of Vrouva have helped us to help more animals.


Every summer Lulu comes to Vrouva to volunteer for a few weeks.  She's wonderful to have - always taking the dogs for walks and sometimes taking them to the beach.  Her Danish no nonsense approach is welcome!


Sotiris has supported Vrouva from the beginning.  From shearing sheep to cleaning out pens, Sotiris is Vrouva's backbone.  He's the embodiment of Vrouva's team spirit and utterly reliable - always there to help if there's an emergency.


Marina is a long-time friend and supporter of Vrouva.  She brings music and lots of love to the animals.


Marina is a long-time friend and supporter of Vrouva.  She brings music and lots of love to the animals.


Lori is our all around, get things done, no nonsense volunteer.  Originally from Albania, Lori brings a welcome smie and a happy demeanor to Vrouva.  She's wonderful to have around!


Aimee is a volunteer dog walker.  Like any good dog walker, Aimee travels; she hasn't lived in the US since 1995 and now calls Aegina her home.  She lives with Spike; they met and fell in love at Vrouva.  Spike is a Pit Bull/Boxer mix.

Efi & Ana

Efi and Ana are the original volunteers. They come to the farm a few times a year and it is always a joyous occasion for animals, friends and mama Alexia .Apart from the feeding, cleaning, dogwalking, cooking, cuddling and energy giving  Ana adds art to the farm and gorgeous photos and Efi helps with text editing and IT suppport.


Sofia is the guardian angel of all Vrouvians. She loves all the animals but mostly takes care of the caretakers. Thanks to her tireless efforts, our kitchen is (somewhat!) clean and cosy and our clothes season appropriate. She lifts our spirits with her joy, her kindness and her sense of humour.


Thank goodness for Yorgos! His regular presence and help with the daily chores keeps the animals fed and clean and the farm running smoothly. He has such a special way with the animals( including the human ones!)-even the shyest trust him!


Margarita is a loved and cherished member of the Vrouva family. She is a cat whisperer, and time and again has transformed our scared kitty rescues into affectionate, well-adjusted diamonds. We love having Margarita's magic at the farm!

Rakshita is one of the most efficient and productive volunteer here. She comes every summer and brings a spiritual vibe to the farm. Vrouva is happy to endorse her President of the World campaign!

Robin came as a volunteer and ended up family!

Alone or with Ana, he comes from Scotland and stays with us a few weeks at a time. He is an artist but also helps with everything. His calm, meditative presence adds peace to the farm. His IT support is invaluable and he is the best teacher because he is so smart and patient.